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Wholesale Product Sourcing from India: How to Find the Best Suppliers

India is home to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies; it’s one of example is the data published by the International Trade Administration – the United States has remained India’s largest trading partner, with exports of goods and services worth $102.3 billion

Driven by a robust industrial and manufacturing sector that serves as a significant wholesale supplier of various products and raw materials within the country. Multinational corporations across various industries turn to India for sourcing due to its thriving manufacturing sector.

In comparison with the above statement, still many small businesses and individual owners lack the financial resources and network connections to identify suitable suppliers in India. Thus, for newcomers to India’s supply chain operations, it is crucial to be aware of fundamental risks and challenges when seeking out the most reliable suppliers for sourcing items.

We know that finding the right wholesale product sourcing company is not as tough as you think, but you must be careful as the right one will be the reason for your success, or the wrong one can be a cause of huge headaches and losses. That’s why, in this article, we are going to give you some of the best ways that will take you to the route of your wholesale sourcing solution partner. 

Additionally, while searching for a suitable supplier, you have to be aware of the market, as most of the local wholesalers represent themselves as wholesale product sourcing company but lacks the infrastructure, experience, don’t understand the standards of overseas markets, and have a deficit of resources requires to source products outside India.  

Now, let’s dive deeper into this informational article and briefly cover all the approaches required to end the search for an ideal wholesale product sourcing company.

1. Start Your Search With Google

 wholesale product sourcing  

Whenever we have any doubts or queries, we just pick up our phone and start our search by googling, the same you can do here. Since the majority of websites in India are in English, you’re likely to find manufacturers and exporters for most products. You can use the following search terms:

  • India exporter
  • Supplier in India
  • India manufacturer
  • Wholesale Product Manufacturers 
  • Product sourcing company 
  • Wholesale sourcing solutions

It’s important to note that search results may include wholesalers, trading companies, sourcing companies, procurement companies, sourcing solution providers, and suppliers focused on the domestic market. Moreover, try to use specific terms as what you are looking for, and then scroll down and check the websites that you find most relevant. 

Additionally, you’ll come across results from various supplier directories like Alibaba or Global Sources, explore them if required. You may need to explore beyond the starting page results to find the actual websites of suppliers. As there are chances that the website you are looking for ranks lower on search engine result pages. 

  1. Visit Trade Shows

Numerous well-established exporters in India actively participate in sourcing trade shows across the globe, showcasing their diverse range of products and services. If you’re eager to connect with potential Indian suppliers, it’s recommended to explore these exhibitions in your local area or within nearby cities/provinces.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the dynamics of trade shows have evolved significantly in recent times due to the global challenges faced by many countries as the COVID-19 pandemic came, many trade shows have transitioned to virtual formats, offering an online platform for networking and business interactions. 

While in-person events are limited at present, virtual trade shows still provide valuable opportunities to establish connections with Indian exporters and explore collaboration possibilities from the comfort of your own space. We advise you to keep in touch with people who join such trade shows and always keep your ears open for announcements about upcoming virtual trade shows, as they can be a convenient way to engage with the Indian export market.

  1. Export Promotion Councils 

There are a total of fourteen Export Promotion Councils under the administrative control of the Department of Commerce in India that cover a diverse range of product categories and serve as valuable resources for both importers and exporters. These councils registered as non-profit organizations under the Companies Act or Societies Registration Act of India, play a dual role by providing advisory services and executing crucial functions. They also act as the official registering authorities for exporters in accordance with India’s Foreign Trade Policy.

Many of these councils maintain online databases of exporters, though the availability of supplier contact information and the accuracy of supplier profiles may vary. In cases where only company names are provided, a Google search can often lead to the respective exporter’s website.

One significant advantage of obtaining lists from these councils is the assurance that the listed companies are indeed exporters. However, it’s worth noting that response times to email inquiries sent to these councils may sometimes be delayed.

Some of these organizations/council’s names we have listed below. 

  • EEPC India
  • Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Export Promotion Council (Chemexcil)
  • Chemicals and Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL)
  • Council for Leather Exports
  • Sports Goods Export Promotion Council
  • Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council
  • Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
  • The Plastics Export Promotion Council
  • Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council
  • Export Promotion Council for EOUs & SEZ Units (EPCES)
  1. Utilize a Wholesale Supplier Directory

There are numerous websites available on Google that can help you in searching wholesale product sourcing suppliers. These suppliers directories are usually categorized by product, niche, market, and location. You can go to Google settings, and by changing your current region find them in any country. 

You can easily discover suppliers through third-party sourcing platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources as these websites are the only supplier directories focused on exports. Both corporations maintain offices in India and actively seek out suppliers to be part of their platforms.

Try to leverage the “Location” filter available on these websites’ search results pages to explore suppliers from diverse countries.

One most important point to note here is that the IndiaMart website frequently emerges in Google search results. However, it predominantly features domestic-oriented suppliers, including numerous trading firms, making it challenging to distinguish genuine wholesale product-sourcing companies.

It’s worth to be mindful that many of the trading firms on IndiaMart import products from China for domestic sales, so exercise caution in dealing with such entities.

While some exporters may cater to the domestic market as well, their primary focus tends to be on exports, with a higher percentage dedicated to international markets.


You can find a suitable wholesale supplier for your company by following the above method, however, you must be aware of supplier and companies that make products for the domestic market as they don’t understand the quality, and design standards of overseas markets. 

It would be better if you go for a supplier with a proven track record of sourcing to different businesses, is well-organized, has an online & offline presence, has expert knowledge of the export-import industry, and has fair terms & conditions of trading. 

Still, there are chances that you get frustrated in this process, in that case, PGIN Export is open to approach, we are India’s leading wholesale product sourcing company, serving businesses, and individuals around the globe for the past 8 years, and can be a perfect partner for your business. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance. 

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