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Have a peek into the PGIN Export Gallery Page, where we proudly showcase the dynamic world of global business connections facilitated by the PGIN Export Director (Sankalp Tayade and his team). Here, you’ll find a visual view of our most significant virtual meetups and international meetings with top-level decision-makers in multiple companies from different corners of the world. 

Our commitment to sourcing top-quality products knows no boundaries, and these images capture the essence of our dedication to developing lasting partnerships with industry leaders worldwide. From boardrooms in bustling cities to picturesque meetings in far-flung destinations, these snapshots tell the story of how PGIN Export brings people and success together on a global scale.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Deal: A Vietnamese Company is seeking an annual contract to import Urea fertilizer into the Vietnamese market for distribution purposes. They are actively looking for partners.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Deal: A renowned Coffee Chain Brand is eager to penetrate the vast Indian market through a joint venture with our company. They are seeking a robust partnership to establish their presence in India.

Location: Mumbai, India

Deal: We scheduled a high-level meeting with the Director of the Middle East’s second-largest petrochemical refinery to discuss a significant third-country export deal in merchandise trade. This deal holds immense potential.

Location: Izmir, Turkey

Deal: We were finalizing a spot shipment agreement for 5000 metric tons of Nitrogen Urea Fertilizer for third-country export to a South East Asian nation. This shipment signifies a substantial trade opportunity.

Location: Virtual Meeting

Deal: We have a virtual meeting scheduled with PETRONAS, facilitated by MATRADE, to explore opportunities for third-country exports of fertilizers and petrochemicals in the South East Asian market. This meeting promises exciting possibilities for expansion.

Location: Virtual Meeting

Deal: We engaged in a virtual meeting with representatives from a Turkmenistan company to discuss potential collaborations in the import and export of fertilizers, agriculture products, and clothing dyes. This meeting holds the key to fruitful international partnerships.

Location: Mumbai, India

Deal: We organized a comprehensive conference and meeting in Mumbai, bringing together the Malaysian Consulate General and the Trade Head of MATRADE. The goal is to foster business development between Indian and Malaysian companies. This event is expected to catalyze significant cross-border opportunities.

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