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This page has all the necessary documents for work procedure reference that our clients require, such as letter of intent, ICC NCNDA IMFPA draft, export terms & conditions, and our company profile, which they can easily download directly by clicking on the download button. 

Any corporations/organisation interested in initiating business deals with PGIN Export can fill in their details on the letter of intent stating the company name, company identification number, representative person, commodity name, quantity, quality, destination country, payment terms, insurance details, buyer name, and other required details with authorized stamp and signature. 

Inspection will be carried out at the supplier’s warehouse by an internationally recognized independent Surveyor (SGS OR any equivalent inspection agency) and their certificate for quality will be final and binding to both parties. 

The Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure (NCND) Agreement need to be filled by all parties involved in the business. This model presents a distinctive and equitable legal framework that takes into consideration the concerns of all parties engaged in a non-avoidance and non-disclosure agreement,  thus minimizing the risks associated with fraud and misunderstandings. The agreement outlines the intermediary’s specified services, summarises their exclusive rights, and also provides guarantees for the intermediary’s fee payments.

The IMFPA, short for Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement, is a contractual arrangement employed in global trade to secure the compensation/commission of the intermediary or broker involved in transactions, primarily for the acquisition of commodities or goods negotiated in large quantities, including but not limited to minerals, food, raw materials, and more. 

Website visitors can also check the export terms & conditions of sale to businesses/individuals in which we have mentioned the basis of sale, definitions & interpretations, incoterms, orders & specifications, pricing, payment & delivery details, insurance, inspection/shortage, and more. 

Moreover, our clients can download the company brochure from this page to get a detailed view of our history (who we are, what we do, and how we do).

Letter of Intent


Export Terms & Conditions

Company Profile

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