PGIN Export

Our Journey

PGIN Export is the kingdom of product exporting services having a legacy of almost 1 decade. It was the year 2017 when we started as a physical commodity trading house known as PG International in the financial capital of India – Mumbai city, our company’s founder Mr. Sankalp Tayade embarked to solve recurring problems informed through numerous feedback from many importers around the globe. It was when he and his partners decided to set foot into the world of product sourcing and international trade and established a company named PGIN Export Pvt Ltd.

With a paid-up capital amount of 10 Lac and incorporated on 15th of May, 2020, new journey had begun to serve corporations, small businesses, and individuals who want to import products either for distribution purposes (online/offline) or for own use. Our sole objective was to simplify the process & procedures of product sourcing, manufacturing, and importing with international trade for anyone seeking to import standardize and customized high-quality products from India.

PGIN export being a product sourcing company, got some big advantages as we are strategically situated in Mumbai, the central hub for all kinds of products. Plus, our office is conveniently located near the Sahar Air Cargo & JNPT seaport (the largest air cargo & container port in India that also houses India’s best logistic connectivity). Moreover, have the backing of private investors and financial institutions, enabling us to fulfil bulk orders, and annual contracts and getting engage in joint ventures. With this backing, we are poised to take on even the most ambitious endeavours.

Moreover, Each member of our Virtual team possessed an in-depth understanding of the diverse Indian business environment as we only work with manufacturers and recruited people who have minimum 5 years of experience in global trade, which brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Sourcing Excellence to maximize your business potential

PGIN EXPORT stood as a beacon of hope for those seeking high-quality products from the vibrant land of India as we got many appreciated feedback from our previous clients. With every satisfied customer, we knew that we were one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal—making the world a smaller and more connected place through the power of trade.

Our success secret lies in delivering exporting experiences that no other organization has done to date (we aren’t bragging); we keep our eyes wide open, go through the proper requirements of our clients, recommend the products, provide the samples, make numerous available methods of the payment process and safely & securely dispatch commodities to their destination port.

Our efforts do not end here; due to environmental concerns and to reduce the overall cost, we equipped our enterprise with modern tools & techniques to minimize unnecessary packaging and ensure it must be recyclable.

Moreover, the hardships of our 1000s of manufacturers also play a significant role as their quality assurance brings the qualification to be the best and outpace the rest.

Code of Conduct, Ethics & Compliance (Culture)

  • PGIN Export adheres to all applicable regulations, international laws, and follow international chamber of commerce’s (ICC) rules while dealing with customers, product-sourcing & export activities
  • We always promote ethical practices throughout the supply chain, including fair labour, fair trade, and environmental sustainability. Plus, prohibit the use of any form of exploitation, including such as child labour and forced labour.
  • Maintain a culture of open communication within the organization and with external stakeholders of PGIN Export.
  • We maintain the safety of all employees and workers involved in our business operations
  • Prevent any form of unethical practices such as Over-billing, Taking Advantage of Misfortune, providing misleading information, discrimination, financial misrepresentation. We keep track of financial transactions and interactions with other companies
  • Maintain the confidentiality of customer, supplier, or business associate of the Company to which Company has a duty to maintain confidentiality.
  • Trustworthiness, Honesty & Transparency – Our most asset is our reputation as an Indian company that our overseas customer can trust. It is incumbent on each of us to ensure that we continually earn that trust.
  • Results-Oriented – As a commitment to our customers, we are focused on getting the job done. We implement processes and procedures that are efficient and effective to achieve the desired output. As a company, we measure our productivity and success by our results.
  • Professionalism – our team act with the utmost professionalism toward each other and the other company’s team member. This means treating others with respect and engaging in open and civil communication. As professionals, we are reliable and committed.
  • Providing a Positive Customer Experience – our customers find their interactions with PGIN EXPORT useful and enjoyable. From the quality of information available on our website to the ease of the sourcing process to the delivery of the product. While there are established processes and policies that will apply to all customers, we will aim to tailor a business solution when needed.
  • Responsive – Continuous Improvement (through constant learning & feedbacks) PGIN is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in its products, services, performance, and business practices.

Our Vision

Revolutionize global sourcing by seamlessly serving the highest quality products to businesses and individuals along with fostering sustainable growth, and empowering enterprises to thrive in a global marketplace, also with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices.

Our Mission

To leverage our expertise, extensive network, and cutting-edge technology to deliver readymade as well as innovative and tailored sourcing solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and sustainability for our valued partners. We are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, and creating a world where every business can effortlessly access the best products from anywhere on Earth.

Directors Message

Mr. Sankalp Tayade

(Founder & Managing Director)

Dear Visitors,

I am delighted to welcome you to PGIN EXPORT PVT LTD, a leading procurement company committed to meeting your import needs with excellence. Being the founder and managing director, I am honoured to introduce myself, Mr. Sankalp Tayade, a passionate entrepreneur who embarked on this journey from a young age.

With a strong educational background in business administration and invaluable experience gained in the domestic & international trade of agricultural, metals, fertilizers & FMCG commodities, I expanded my horizons to the global market. Having extensively travelled across Middle East, South East Asia and Europe while working with renowned manufacturing companies, I witnessed the challenges individuals and businesses face when it comes to importing.

Some major challenges, including finding reliable suppliers, navigating unfavourable payment terms, facing quality issues, and communication barriers, inspired me to establish PGIN Export Company. We are devoted to offering comprehensive solutions that address overall problems, making your import process seamless and efficient.

At PGIN Export, we cater to your requirements, whether you need to purchase bulk quantities or sample products, without any minimum order quantities. As a world-class sourcing organization, we are committed to exceeding your expectations by offering top-notch customer service.

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