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Bringing the best of made in India products to you by the best product sourcing company.


PGIN Export saves your cost up to 50% and brings the best products from top-notch producers; additionally, offers custom manufacturing sourcing in India.

We’re one of the best product souring company in india.

With Strong Capabilities, Resources, 8+ Years Of Import/Export Industry Specialization, And A Modern Approach PGIN Export Being A Product-Sourcing Company, Act As Your Local Team.

PGIN Export Pvt Ltd is trusted Indian Product sourcing Company with extensive experience in International trade, we offer a comprehensive range of services to streamline your supply chain. Our expert team leverages their industry knowledge and vast network to identify reliable suppliers globally, ensuring high-quality products, competitive prices, and efficient logistics. With PGIN Export expert team, you can confidently expand your business reach, tap into international markets, and navigate the complexities of global trade with ease.

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Services & Capabilities

PGIN Export, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to providing Indian procurement services that encompasses superior products, tailor-made solutions, streamlined shipping logistics, and exceptional customer support.

Free Consultancy

With our assistance, product procurement from India, and global importing becomes effortless as we handle all complexities. Our expert team guides you through product classification, logistics, and customs clearance, ensuring a smooth process. Rely on us for sourcing services from India to navigate government regulations and eliminate the obstacles.

Strategic Sourcing Process

Our product sourcing company operates flawlessly with a rigid process, ensuring high-quality products and 100% customer satisfaction through close collaboration with manufacturers.

World-Class Manufacturers

Save time searching on multiple platform & exhibition for manufacturers; PGIN Export has a vast network of hundreds of manufacturers across various industries. From agriculture to electronics, we cater to diverse sectors such as metals, textiles, dairy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, handicrafts, and more.

Custom Product Development

We are your one-stop shop for all your product needs, offering sourcing and custom product development in India to help businesses meet consumer demand, surpass competitors, and boost sales. Our tailor-made products undergo rigorous examination and testing to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Warehouseing & Logistic

Our logistics team expertly manages all tasks, utilizing a proven model and shipping options, ensuring safe product arrival within timelines. We offer comprehensive management, including warehousing, container shipping, and local transportation, for a seamless experience.

Import/Export Legacy

With nearly a decade of experience in import/export, we possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise to penetrate any global market effortlessly, that’s why considered as the premier among other product sourcing companies in India. Avoid the pitfalls and risks of importing bulk products by partnering with our procurement company, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

From a small piece of cloth to a giant machinery, PGIN export covers all. Additionally, we design and deliver what you are looking for. Exporting goods from India is our core expertise.

You can call us, whether you are an individual or a business of any size, if scrolling this page, then your search ends as we are a  supplier of 1000s of products from reliable vendors having unbeatable costs.

2871 + Our network suppliers are growing and counting!


We have made product sourcing simple, simplified, and safe across the globe. Just tell us what you want to source, then sit, relax, and let us handle the rest.

Why PGIN Export?

Pginexport is an Indian product-sourcing company. By partnering with us you get access to the top-quality manufacturers in India. Post COVID India emerged as a global manufacturing hub due to its young workforce, physical & digital infrastructure, Indian government's make in India policy & overall global scenario.

Quality Control & Product Safety

Quality is our first priority. That’s why all our manufacturing partners are carefully selected and monitored for industrial compliance, productivity, and reputation. Plus, we follow our own inspection techniques to check the product quality. Moreover, samples of all the products will be dispatched to customer before delivering the actual quantity.


24X7 Support

PGIN Export is available round-the-clock. Our team is diligent and hardworking people who put their heart and soul into their jobs, allowing us to achieve 99% productivity and efficiency, thus making product sourcing from India effortless. Our job doesn't end with supplying the product until you safely receive items at your doorstep.

Competitive Pricing & Secure Payment Options

We only ask for reasonable pricing for great outcomes compared to what is charged in the international market, plus negotiation is applicable too. PGIN Export understands some customers are hesitant to pay in advance; that’s why there are multiple payment options to choose from as per convenience and preference.


No Language Barrier

Don’t worry; you won’t face language challenges. Effective communication is key, and our team members are well acquainted with different countrie's Languages, business practices, and etiquette. We ensure there won’t be any miscommunication and misunderstanding due to language disparity.

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